Resplendent photography to match your lifestyle

Life is too short to not surround ourselves with beauty. That’s what keeps me coming back to photography time and time again. Capturing fleeting moments that can be kept, forever majestic. Those moments will always be there to lift spirits and deliver joy. No matter what else is going on in the world, photographs are always there to stir the senses, excite, comfort, bring joy and be a reminder of the enchantment that surrounds us, if only we open our eyes and see.

my goal as an artist is to tell the best stories without ever saying a word

lake tahoe above and below

My mantra

aerial photographer in helicopter
Lake Tahoe's perfectly clear water from above

bring the drama

bring the emotion

I’m Wendy

wendy hudnall

The person behind the lens

A fine art landscape photographer with a flair for the dramatic.

My photography is bold and audacious, the same way I like people. I play with contrasts in color, tones and textures, striving to creating images that transcend language.

My pictures are my voice.