A deer in a foggy symmetrical forrest of poplar trees

wonder is everywhere

I'll take you there

The choice to bring art into your space is a personal one which should be driven by emotion.

Great art should move you each time you view it.

Using innovative tools & techniques I create resplendent scenes that transport and develop strong emotional connections with those who view them. My driving need for perfection is suited to landscape photography, as I believe there is nothing more perfect than nature itself. This belief is manifested in my art, which is produced on the highest quality state-of-the-art archival materials. Presentation of my organic images on these innovative surfaces creates the ultimate statement of understated luxury in any environment.

My fine art works are of the ultimate quality and archival permanency. I personally oversee production of each piece from concept to completion with meticulous attention to detail. As such, I do not offer e-commerce, preferring instead to work with my clients directly to assure every piece is perfectly suited to fit their individual needs. It’s such a thrill when my art finds the perfect place in a client’s home.

You just know it was mean to be.

limited edition




Fine Art Presentations

The premier choice for quality and archival permanency, Fujiflex papers deliver extraordinary quality photographs with distinctive eye-catching color, rich deep blacks, clean brilliant highlights, wide tonal range, and exceptional sharpness. The substrate contains metallic crystals that reflect light, providing a luminance that appears vibrantly backlit under art lighting. Art grade UV Acrylic Plexiglas is face mounted to the print for protection and adds a gorgeous depth to the print. These are truly developed photographs, not prints onto paper. Available in gloss or non-glare finishes.

Fujiflex Crystal Archive

under acrylic

HD Aluminum

Dye Sublimation utilizes high heat to infuse inks directly into the aluminum substrate creating a vivid presentation with a depth and clarity beyond compare. Light plays off the piece in dramatic and fascinating ways, drawing the viewer into the scene. Aluminum prints created in this fashion are extremely durable with a high gloss ceramic looking finish which suits them to almost any environment.

dye sublimation

Whether you want the most dynamic, luxurious presentation or a piece to hold up in a challenging environment, I've got it covered

Open Edition metallic prints are also available in select sizes. Fujiflex Artist's Proofs are hand signed. As an additional protective step, we recommend your purchase be framed under UV filtering glass and kept from direct sunlight.

Limited Edition works are back mounted with acrylic for protection, stability and a luxurious finish. An aluminum box cleat mounting system ensures a clean, secure installation. Aluminum & acrylic finished pieces are ready to be hung as delivered and provide a beautifully clean & contemporary presentation. Both mediums will accommodate framing if desired.

Limited Edition works are hand signed and numbered on a certification plaque at the back of the artwork.

An HD Aluminum Statement of Authenticity completes the package.