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Hello! I’m Wendy

the best photographs are not taken, they are created

A fine art landscape photographer with a flair for the dramatic.

wendy hudnall

I strive to create impactful, skillfully crafted images that convey the spectacular grandeur of the world around us by blending technical & creative aspects of photography. My distinctive imagery is delivered in a bold style that is truly my own. For me, photography is a vehicle of storytelling, taking viewers on a journey with each picture turning a page toward a new adventure to share. On any given day I can be found hanging out the open door of a helicopter, flying a high-tech drone, or hiking the many trails of Tahoe and beyond in search of the next extraordinary tale to be told.


Sharing the way I see the world - big, bold, beautiful & a bit surreal. My favorite piece of equipment is my heart.

aerial photographer in helicopter


I have the pleasure to work with some of the most successful and gifted photographers in the industry, helping to curate their collections and applying meticulous edits to bring their unique visions for their work to fruition.